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gmailOne of the email service providers that allows users experience electronic communications through a more personal and convenient way is Gmail or Google mail. Launched in 2004, Gmail service offers you more than 7GB of storage for free.

One of the great features of Google email service is its spam filter that, as Google says, blocks spam before it could even get to your email inbox. However, there are times that unwanted emails somehow find their way to your Gmail account. So you may feel the need to run a Gmail reverse lookup to find the owner of these mysterious emails.

Of course the first step to start your search is putting the Gmail email address in of the major search engines and to see whether a name or address comes up which is relating to the email address. If so, you can use that information to help further your investigation.

Also, if you are looking for someone’s email address, you should run a Gmail email search through Orkut, the popular social networking site of Google. This site along with other professional networks can help you get various types of contact information about people you are looking for.

Still, if after these steps you find nothing on your own, don’t lose your hope. You could try to sign up for a trustworthy email lookup service which help you find even more than you could expect.