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hotmailHotmail is one of the best email services allowing users to have up to 5GB storage space. An increasing number of people have signed up for Hotmail and use Windows Live Messenger, which was named MSN in the past, to chat with family and friends. 

Many users consider opening an email account in Hotmail as a second or third one, because it’s free. But since many people use different names or aliases as their email ids, doing a Hotmail email search will be somehow tricky. Still you have a good chance of finding the person you are looking for through searching by their name, as lots of people would have used their real name to sign up for a Hotmail account. 

Since this email service provider let users register for email accounts freely, anyone can create a Hotmail email address and use it to send emails out. This makes the way for spammers who take advantage of this free system. 

To protect against spam or unknown emails you need to track them. In order to track email addresses you need to become skilled at reading the “header” of an email and then find out the sender’s ip address. 

But these days, with scammers frequently discovering new methods to forge email addresses and to avoid from being traced, it’s not easy for a normal user to reverse lookup a Hotmail email address. But don’t be afraid. Professional services could come to help you in this situation. So you can always choose a paid reverse email lookup service that will track the sender of any email and will provide you with important details about them.